Excessively concerned with oneself with no regard for the needs or feelings of others.

I’m sure we have heard this a thousand times, people telling us how selfish we are- all you think about is yourself, all you care about is you.

The problem is, when I was drinking, and even early in my recovery, I didn’t really understand what that meant.

Of course, I had a clear understanding that I was selfish, but I didn’t recognize all the ways that manifested in daily life.

It doesn’t feel good to be self-centered and selfish because it stems from insecurity. We all recognize some ways we are self-serving. But you may not see all the small ways this behavior comes out or the effect it has on the people around you.

A big part of this growth for me was my self-esteem. I couldn’t respect anything or anyone when I didn’t respect myself.

Think of yourself as a thousand piece puzzle. Some pieces are bigger than others, but we are made up of a lot of pieces. We are all a combination of positive pieces as well as pieces that need work. You already know you are kind and loving and generous, and now it’s time to look at a couple of these pieces you can improve.

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