Angela Pugh and Amber Reed Resolve KC

There’s no stopping a woman with a vision. This Kansas City Addiction Professional recognized the need for help and passion-based service, and she created a resource we desperately needed.

Amber Reed is a professional I have enormous respect for. She has created her own path in this industry that is truly client-centered. She has not allowed insurance, or anyone else, to dictate the type of care she provides and how she serves her clients. Not only is this rare, but it is admirable. Our conversation is a breath of fresh air, and I am grateful to know professionals like Amber who haven’t forgotten the passion in their work.

A great barrier to receiving mental health and addiction services is the dreaded wait list. People who are suffering are often told there is a wait of weeks to months before they can get in to see a professional, and hopefully get some relief.

Resolve in Kansas City took all the biggest barriers to addiction and mental health support and built a practice that serves, helps, and inspires.

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