Relapse – 

When it comes to recovery, maintaining the effort to avoid a relapse can feel like a lot.

Even for someone with a couple of years sober, great kids, friends, and a job he loves.

Today, we’re talking about relapse, and specifically, I’m taking you behind the scenes with one of my favorite radio personalities to share his recent experience with relapse.

Scott Parks, from Dana & Parks, is sharing all the details from:

  • pre-planning his relapse
  • to the insanity of hiding all the empty bottles… from himself
  • and how his co-host and family came together for an intervention where a few simple words from his daughter gave him the clarity he needed to get help and get back on the sober track

And my favorite part of this story is his honesty and openness with his audience – giving us the truth and allowing us to support him as strangers, and providing hope for those still suffering who need to hear that we do recover.

Rebuilding his sobriety one day at a time and here to tell you how he’s done it so far.


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