EP095 – It’s honest and raw, and there are a few F-bombs.

Someone close to me recently relapsed and in this episode I let it all hang out. My anger, my sadness, and the powerlessness I feel when I can’t fix it.

Getting sober is hard and it sometimes feels like you are in the battle alone. You feel like no one understands your struggle, you feel uncomfortable, a little bit lonely, and wonder if it will ever get easier.

It only gets easier if you STAY sober. Not going back and forth with one foot in the sober door and one foot in the ‘I still want to drink a little’ door.

For an alcoholic, drinking a little bit is like being a little bit pregnant. There’s no such thing.

I wrote a short letter to relapse to let it know exactly how I feel. And it’s not warm and fuzzy.

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