I’m scrolling through Instagram one day and this headline catches my eye:  2 Years After Leaving AA: Not Dead, Still Sober. (link below)

Immediately I was intrigued.

Everybody knows I got sober in AA working the 12 steps and working with a sponsor. It’s sort of ‘the old fashioned way’ now. I love all the 12 step programs, and having the group to love and support me and have fun saved my life.

Now, I am over a decade into my sobriety and I still attend AA regularly. And I have found myself being not-so-traditional in my views about sobriety and how we all get there.

You hear me say a thousand times on the show that I support all different methods of sobriety and lifestyle choices. My thing is, I don’t necessarily care so much what you do, I just want you to do something rather than nothing.

What I mean by that is, too many people waste a whole bunch of time in their lives wondering if they have a drinking problem or not, and sometimes people don’t want to go to 12 step programs. As I remember my experience, when I started wondering if I had a drinking problem, the truth is, I already knew I did.  And it was miserable because I didn’t know what to do. You don’t wonder if you have a problem with something that isn’t a problem.

Instead of spinning wheels and continuing to drink, I would rather people find some form of support and help. I don’t care if it’s not AA, I only care that people are taking steps to understand themselves, to grow, and become better people. I don’t think there is any argument that EVERYONE is better without alcohol. If it is causing issues in your life, then find help!!

When I read Lara’s headline I knew I wanted to know more about her and I knew I wanted to share her journey with my listeners. To show people that there are options to approach sobriety, or alcohol-free lifestyle, or sober for the health of it, or whatever makes you happy. The important thing is that you do something.

I flew to FL and Lara invited me into her home to record a podcast with her and Peaches the pig. Who, btw, is f*ing unbelievable!

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do. Lara is a breath of fresh air and her spirit and confidence are fantastic.

One of the struggles I have sometimes is when people don’t prefer AA they want to bash it. And, of course, I don’t appreciate that. A dislike of AA is truly subjective, and everyone is entitled to their perspective. But Lara was different. She is more like me in that she appreciates a good conversation and she has respect and admiration for the achievement of successful sobriety. Even if our paths aren’t exactly the same.

Sobriety, self-love, emotional maturity, and facing my shortcomings are a daily practice in a life of recovery. And it is one of the hardest things a person will ever do. Choosing a different path doesn’t make that accomplishment less worthy or less impressive.

Much love to you, Lara. Thank you for opening your home, sharing your pig, and sharing your insights to following a less traveled path. You will always have my respect for your bravery.


Instagram:  @sillylara

Website:   larafrazier.com

Lara’s Blog Post:  https://larafrazier.com/blog/leavingaanotdeadstillsober