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Healing from addiction is a long journey and often a confusing one. You think when you put the substance down, you will feel better.

And that is true.

But it doesn’t always happen right away.

You have a tendency to only think about yourself in the healing process and wanting to feel better. And you forget that your body and brain, and every organ inside of you, have to heal also. And that science requires a little more than just putting down the substance, it takes time.

Every sober story isn’t the same. Just like we’ve discussed in other episodes that every drunken detail isn’t the same. We all have our own chemistry, our own personalized brain wiring, our own learned behaviors over the course of our lives that also shape our brains and behaviors, and many other factors.

An added layer to addiction is mental health. It is not uncommon to have some level of anxiety, depression, ADD; and all of these things will vary from person to person, also.

Jeff Simone is a pharmacist, recovering addict, and the founder of Reaction Recovery. He offers a new approach to detox and a ton of insight on supplements and how to use them, and what to try for different symptoms.

Many of us as people with addiction have sleep problems, racing minds, anxiety, and some general discomfort. This is a great way to look at getting relief for these symptoms before turning to pharmaceutical solutions.

Prescription medications definitely have their place and are very necessary for a lot of conditions. I would never discourage someone from seeking professional guidance for anything that ails you. I also like to provide information on other approaches for those who are interested.

If you’ve been sober awhile and are wondering why you aren’t feeling better, you won’t want to miss this.

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