Your sober life won’t just happen, it has to be created.

The biggest misconception I had about sobriety was that all I had to do was quit drinking and all my problems would be solved.

But after taking a deeper look at recovery, I realized it’s not all about the alcohol, it’s my messed up thinking and how I viewed the world that drove me to drink.

And, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you.

Many aspiring sober people get hung up on the thought of never drinking again so you don’t make a REAL commitment to stopping. You want to be wishy-washy, on the fence, telling yourself you’ll be able to drink again one day- then you wonder how you end up hungover again feeling like sh*t about yourself.

I’ll tell you why; because it all starts in your thinking.

Once you put the drink down, you have to learn the skills to get your thinking in line with your desire to not drink, then that lines up with your actions.

This week, we’ll talk about the pitfalls of instant gratification and how it will trip you up ALL THE TIME.

Instant gratification is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome, and once you see it, you can change it.

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