Addiction Unlimited Podcast Investing in Recovery

EP081- Are you ready for a fresh start? You want your recovery to be different this time, you want it to work, you are tired of spinning your wheels and ending up back at square one.

Been there.

It can be so hard to figure out where to start, and it feels overwhelming.

Let’s break it down into investing. How much time are you investing? Energy? Commitment?

Investing isn’t always about money. It’s about how much of yourself are you putting in to get the result you want? Are you making your recovery a priority? Are you carving out a piece of time each day to do the activities that keep you strong and motivated, or are you putting it off, saying you’ll do it later, never getting to it, then wondering how you ended up hungover again?

Would you rather invest big in your self and your life and get the result you want, or continue doing the same things while your addiction gets worse? Sounds like a no-brainer.

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