EP77- If we’re 100% honest- if you don’t have a plan, if you don’t take action and do something to support your recovery, then you aren’t feeling great, right? What would it feel like to continue NOT having a plan, and wake up six months from now in exactly the same place- hungover again, feeling terrible, hating life.

I know that moment all too well.

My sponsor said to me once, “I want you to think about holding a hula hoop”,

“Okay”, I said.

“What all fits inside your hula hoop”?

And I was like, what the hell is this dude talking about? And I looked at him and said, “Me”.

To which he responded, “Exactly. And that’s everything you have control of. So if it doesn’t fit inside your hula hoop, leave it alone”!

It was a moment that was equally frustrating and life-changing all at the same time, lol. But I love to think about it in those super simple terms. If it doesn’t fit in my hula hoop, I can’t control it and I don’t need to expend a lot of time and energy TRYING to control it.

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