Business trip, pool party, happy hour, family gathering- there are a million reasons you may end up at an event where people don’t know you are sober, and you don’t necessarily want to tell them. So, how do you stay sober when no one is watching?

With a little forethought this can be an easy feat to achieve, and you can maintain your anonymity til the cows come home. Whatever that means.

In this episode we talk about powerful and super-easy steps you can take to remain alcohol-free no matter what situation you are in. You don’t have to make a declaration to the world that you are sober, or that the drink in your hand is actually just club soda, with no vodka. You don’t stand out as much as you think you do and, believe it or not, most people don’t give a sh*t if you are drinking or not. Especially drinking people, they mostly only care about themselves and the drink in their hand, and making sure no one gets between them and the bar. Easy peasy.

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