How to Forgive: 

When someone wrongs you in some way, you may feel certain you’ll never be able to forgive them. Even after your immediate anger calms down, you may continue to think about the betrayal instead of letting it fade into the past.

It’s pretty common to feel this way. The problem is, holding onto the negativity will harm you more than anyone else.

Forgiveness might seem challenging, but in reality, forgiveness simply means choosing to let go of anger, hurt, and any desire for revenge.

Think you may be ready to forgive but you aren’t sure where to start?

That’s okay, we’ve got answers on this episode with Forgiveness Coach Brenda Reiss.

Brenda shares why forgiveness is all about you, NOT the other person, how it benefits you overall, and how to start the process.

Forgiveness helps you heal! It’s a part of your emotional recovery that allows you to close wounds and move forward.

It’s you deciding to let go of the burden of being stuck with unresolved emotions, let go of some of the pain that holds you back, so you can move forward in your life with a happier and much lighter heart.

Forgiveness improves your relationships, has health benefits, and reduces stress!

It also leads to a more fulfilling relationship with yourself.

If you’ve been wondering how to let go and move forward, to forgive others and yourself, you’ll want to tune in to this one!


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