Taking adversity and using it to our advantage is the name of the game around here. And today is no different.

Is it difficult for you to make decisions in your relationships? Do you have trouble identifying your feelings, communicating effectively and trusting yourself?

If you are furiously nodding your head yes…. you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode!

Michelle Farris takes us into a deeper understanding of what it means to be codependent, how it affects us, and how we can start to make those much-needed changes.

This is a journey with a person who took her own adversity and struggles with relationships and used it as a platform to create a better version of herself. Learning the issues and the solutions, and using that information to heal. And like the rest of us heart-centered healers, her victory became her passion.

Come with me on this journey to learn codependence from the inside out, and start healing.

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