Mental Resistance

Stop getting trapped in mental resistance. 

And right now, you may be saying, “But Angela, you don’t know my life and how hard things are. I don’t have support, I have kids and activities and work….”

Oh boy. Do I hear you. I’ve had the same thoughts a thousand times.

But I also want to challenge you on how that resistance is working against you…and that’s exactly what I’m doing on this episode.

In this episode, I want to talk to you about recognizing resistance, even when it is totally logical and real, and starting to change that thought process to better serve you.

Mental resistance comes up in many different ways. It’s laziness, procrastination, telling yourself you can’t do something, you can’t afford it, you don’t have time, now isn’t the right time, you aren’t strong enough, you don’t have enough support. Or, it’s overwhelm, or fear.

I want you to lean into what might feel uncomfortable, but also actually may create more strength underneath all that discomfort.

And I want to challenge you in an area that you’re probably doing yourself a great disservice and staying stuck.

My friend, I am happy to help you gain as much courage as you need — and you’ll find some in this episode — overcome mental resistance and put it to bed for good in your life so that you can step fully into this version of you that you are today, and continue to grow into the amazing human you are destined to be.

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