Being High-Functioning Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have a Drinking Problem

I understand why you feel that way and how easy it is to separate from the pack when your habits and struggles look different.

It does create a sense of being different and not fitting in to traditional methods and programs.

And it’s hard to call yourself an alcoholic when your picture of what an alcoholic is, is not good.

But let me ask you this – if you are high-functioning, does that mean your problem is different? Or your lifestyle is different?

And if you continue to view your problem as different, which is probably what you’ve been doing, then you could continue to stay stuck in yo-yo sobriety, wasting your time and energy for months or years.

So what do high-functioning problem drinkers do to be successful at sobriety?

Well, we start with facing the real problem, instead of being distracted by the lifestyle and labels.

Think about it – there are tens of millions of people with drinking problems across the globe. There is no way all of our details are going to be the same.

How we live, education, houses, jobs, cars, money, how much we drink, how often we drink, trauma… all of these details will vary to some degree.

But our misuse of alcohol is the same.

If you’re like most of my clients, you use alcohol as a way to numb feelings and discomfort. You use it as a way to connect with your friends, to make laundry and kids and chores feel more doable, to escape the stresses of reality and adulting.

So, isn’t it more important to focus on the causes and conditions so you can get away from alcohol, get control of your life back, and be present with your family?


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