Food Habits

Food habits is a topic that comes up frequently in my professional, and personal, life.

We see people in the Facebook group posting about eating too much sugar in early sobriety, or that they are eating out of control now that they aren’t drinking.

Some wonder if they will lose weight, others are scared to quit drinking because they think they’ll gain weight. I was there, too.

I want to talk to you about food, lifestyle, and being health-minded.  Not necessarily about what to eat and what not to eat, although we will talk about some of that because I know what it’s like to want to lose weight so badly, and when someone is making good food choices the first thing I want to do is ask, “What are you eating? What diet are you doing? Are you cutting out carbs?”

All of these are normal questions, but what I’ve learned on my lifestyle journey is those are the least important questions to get stuck on. The conversation I want to have is about how to create positive change in your life that you feel good about. Change that is sustainable and that empowers you, builds your self-esteem, and changes your mindset about your life.

And that didn’t happen for me when all I focused on was the number on the scale and the increasing size of my love handles.

As a part of my membership community, the Sober Society, I am bringing in a new focus on lifestyle. Relationships, feelings, finances, and food.

Nutrition & Health Coach, Ellie Stewart, is going to share her knowledge and experience about food myths, how recovery can affect food habits, and she’s going to give you a few key activities and choices to focus on if you are ready to start treating your body better.

It’s not about cleaning out all your cabinets and replacing all the junk food with broccoli. Or, wishing you were the person you thought you were when you bought all those fruits and vegetables at the store only to throw them away when they went bad in the refrigerator.

Been there, done that. Many times.

This episode is to focus on understanding and making small shifts to feel good about yourself and change your life in positive ways and you’re going to get some great tips on how to get that party started without turning your life upside down and stressing yourself out.

I really hope as you listen to this episode and hear how I approach this that you decide enough is enough and you are going to figure this out in your own way so this doesn’t become something that is holding you back from living the life you want to live. My food habits, eating habits, and weight gain were holding me back from that in a dramatic way until I finally hit my breaking point.

Ellie offers some great starting tips, a lot of knowledge and personal experience with food habits, and you can get more of her in the Sober Society membership soon!

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