I don’t fit in anywhere

Addiction Unlimited Podcast - Always Feel Different, I Don't Fit In Anywhere

Not all success stories are created equal.

There are easy stories, hard stories, and everything in between. All are different and unique in their own way and all of them can have a happy ending.

In this episode, I share an enlightening conversation with Nate Kelly about his quest of growing up, figuring himself out, and ending up in an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

He talks about…

How he used alcohol to make him more social and to fit in more. The successes, and struggles, he went through trying to figure out where he fit and what his life would look like. Plus, we delve into trying to find yourself in a world that doesn’t support those of us who don’t fit in anywhere.

If you’ve ever just felt different, and unsure about how you fit or where you fit, this episode is for you!

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