If you’re listening to the Addiction Unlimited show, I’m guessing you’re a fan of living a sober lifestyle, right? If you’ve ever thought about going to a 12-step meeting or wanted to grow your sober community to have more support and fun, this is the perfect episode to get started. And I’m telling you – this conversation is not just for all of you; I also found so much value in this conversation and it warmed my heart taking me back to my 12-step roots!

Enter Arlina Allen, the fabulous founder of Sober Life School, the host of the One Day at a Time podcast & Self-Help Junkie podcast, and massive self-help junkie herself. I’ve recently gotten to know Arlina and I was a guest on her One Day at a Time podcast, and it’s been such a blast!

Arlina is another high-functioning alcoholic who left her corporate job to follow her personal development dreams. Now, she’s following her heart and helping others get the life they really want and working with amazing and powerful women every day.

We talk about the changes in the recovery world we’ve watched over decades of sobriety, what it feels like to be an old-timer in this space,  and the beauty of simplicity in your recovery plan. She’s absolutely mastered long-term sobriety and is sharing all of her wisdom and humor with you!


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