Expectations are premeditated resentments.

When I started this journey of recovery, this is yet another piece of my puzzle that I didn’t understand or recognize. I had zero understanding that I put all these expectations on people and outcomes and situations- and then ended up mad when it didn’t go the way I thought it should go.

I know you are going to relate to this, too- because it’s human nature! It is something everyone does. Addiction or no addiction- these expectations are out here running wild in the streets.

Expectations get us in a couple of ways- one is the expectations we put on others. Expecting a certain response from someone or a certain greeting when you walk in the room- expecting an outcome that you pre-determine in your head.

The other is, the expectations you put on yourself.

The bad thing is, when our expectations are not met, it leaves us bummed. Sad, mad, disappointed- and then we can’t even enjoy the situation as it is.

95% of people are really good. And sometimes we are careless, and sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we disappoint and hurt one another. That doesn’t make us bad, it just means we are human.

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