The uncomfortable topic no one is talking about. Or, not too many people are talking about because it can be awkward and weird like everything else in life.

But it’s so important for women to understand.

And, there are some great recovery revelations in this episode that have nothing to do with life stages or being a man or a woman – but have everything to do with getting sober and living the life you really want.

You may know today’s guest from the To 50 & Beyond podcast.

When she quit drinking at forty-five, she felt like she had been run over by a truck for years.

She was doing the back and forth, back and forth thing, and she finally decided to quit drinking after thirty years of a close relationship with alcohol – finally tired of settling for that life.

Lori Massicot loves to talk about the disadvantage of just a small amount of alcohol.

From sleepless nights, waking up in the morning fuzzy and hungover, to ending the day with another drink even when you promised yourself you weren’t going to drink today.

She found herself in mid-life, stressed out, she didn’t like her work, had no confidence, and knew her life had to change.

And if you aren’t a 12-step person, you’re definitely going to love the inspiration and motivation that comes with Lori’s story because she had a different path, is respectful of the program, and has amazing and fulfilling sobriety.


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