There are many theories about the causes of addiction and many of us are curious about what our underlying issues are, that lead us to an unhealthy relationship with substances and behaviors.

What we know for sure is it’s a combination of factors – biological, psychological, social, and environmental.

This is also what makes addiction more challenging to treat because it isn’t an illness that can be approached with a single solution.

It’s not a matter of just putting down the drink and moving on with your life.

Even if there was a way to fix the genetic piece of addiction, that solution wouldn’t be able to fix the psychological pieces. And when you work on the psychological healing, that won’t fix the biology or change the environmental and social aspects.

Many of my clients spend a lot of time searching for why this happened to them.

How did I end up like this? Why did this happen to me?

But one theory that is super interesting to me, and will offer you some additional insight, is attachment theory.

> What is it?

> How does it affect substance issues?

> What to do about it.


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