Cope With Cravings For Alcohol


Can you relate to this:

You’ve made a commitment to yourself, and maybe even your family, that you aren’t drinking anymore.

You remind yourself you’re going to be more committed than ever, you’ve started some morning rituals to keep you on track, and you know this time it has to be different.

Maybe you’ve made it a week or a month- maybe you’ve even made it a few months.

Then one day, you are minding your own business, and out of nowhere you are hit with a craving for a drink. And it’s powerful.

You try to tell yourself to ignore it, distract yourself, it will go away.

But it feels like it is getting stronger, and the stronger it gets the more you start to panic.

All the thoughts are flying through your head a thousand miles an hour

  • what am I going to do?
  • How am I going to get through this?
  • Is one drink going to kill me?
  • Should I have one? Should I not have one?
  • Should I call somebody?

Now your brain is off like a runaway train.

Cravings can be one of the most challenging pieces of living a sober lifestyle.

Romanticizing the drink, the past, the nostalgia, and the comfort it once provided can all come together and create an emotional whirlwind.

We have some incredibly talented people in the recovery/alcohol-free podcast world, and today’s guest is one of your favorites. Gill Tietz, from the Sober Powered podcast, a fan favorite in the sobriety podcast space and an inspiration for countless people on their journey to sobriety.

We got together for an episode to talk about cravings.

You’re going to hear our personal experiences with cravings and how we got through them- and you’ll probably be pretty surprised when you hear how different it was for the two of us!

We’ll tell you what was challenging, the importance of feeling safe during this journey, and some of the dangers of experimenting with  non-alcoholic drinks.

These drinks might seem harmless, and sometimes they are! But they can also trigger memories, feelings of being left out or different, and all of that together can create cravings.

And all of that can derail your progress.


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