Are You Ready To Quit Drinking Addiction Unlimited Podcast

EP087- Are you ready to quit drinking? Are you thinking you’re going to make 2020 your year to crush drinking once and for all? Do you have a plan? Are you a little stressed about what that looks like and wondering if you can do it and feeling a little scared about what life will be like or what it will feel like, how will it affect your relationships with your family and friends? Are you thinking you’ve tried so many times and failed maybe you are just going to be a drunk and die a drunk?

That’s what I thought for a long time- not because I kept relapsing, but because I couldn’t muster up the courage to actually quit. To make the commitment. I couldn’t even figure out the first step.

It sounds funny, but when I look back, I feel like I couldn’t even figure out how to start stopping. It’s like putting down the drink is one thing- but what the heck do you do after that? That leaves a lot of time open and I didn’t know what to do with that time.

I had to make the decision that I was done f’ing around, I was done stalling, I was done hating myself, and I was done hiding and isolating so no one would know who I really was.

That’s when you know you are ready to quit drinking. When you are done drinking your own BS koolaid. When you are done with the secrets and lies and double life.

Are you there? That’s what I want you to think about, are you there?

Are you ready to choose to do the right thing, instead of the easy thing? Are you ready to get honest? For real honest- not the BS honest where you choose which pieces you are going to be honest about and keep the rest to yourself. But REAL, AUTHENTIC honest.

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