Last week I talked about how powerful your thoughts are- and that every single thing you do, on a daily basis, starts as a thought in your head. There is no work more important than getting your head together because that is the epicenter for everything else.

Thoughts = Actions, Actions = Reward/Consequence-   That’s the equation and that’s what I want to focus on.

You and I talk a lot about thoughts and behaviors and recognizing that these need to change if you want to change. It makes perfect sense- if you want to BE different you have to DO different.

That means your thought process has to be different and your actions have to be different.

Where many people stumble, is they focus on the behavior and doing things differently, but they don’t actually change their mindset, or perspective on WHY they are doing it differently.

And even though the Double Down on Your Recovery series is coming to an end, I’m going to keep the bonuses coming!

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