I’ve built a solid foundation of honesty, dependability, and responsibility in my sober life. My anxiety is totally manageable, I have no drama and no lies to keep up with.

But I didn’t start out that way…

I started out scared and broken, completely undisciplined, unable to follow through on the most simple things in life, utilities getting shut off, losing jobs, bad relationships and every other poor choice you can make in a day.

All of that in my addiction, AND in my sobriety.

Recognizing all the ways my life was unmanageable was a real eye-opener, and I knew, if I wanted to be happy in sobriety, I had to grow up and live differently.

That’s exactly what I did, and you can too.

In this episode I wanted to share what I had learned on my journey of personal transformation and living sober.

Understanding unmanageability was a HUGE piece of that for me.