What if I told you you could go to all the summer events, pool parties, camping trips, going to the lake for the weekend, family vacays and bbq’s and get through them easily, even if you are in the beginning of your sobriety?

Today we are talking all about awkward summertime situations. Or, how we make them awkward before they even happen because we are future tripping about being uncomfortable and anxious.

What will people think if you’re not drinking and what will you say and how will they react????

Today I have 10 things you can tell people why you aren’t drinking to help you get through the summer situations confidently, with your sobriety in tact.

If you are going to go into challenging situations, or if you have to go into challenging situations because it’s a family thing or a work thing that you can’t avoid, then I want you to be prepared.

Today’s episode is a cheat sheet to fast-track you from struggling with overwhelming anxiety about what you will say and how everyone else will react, to being able to relax and feel confident like you’ve been alcohol-free for a hundred years.

All by planning ahead.

This is how you build confidence going into the situation is already having it planned out exactly in your head how you will do it and what you will say.

And if you are being that person right now, thinking, I don’t need to do this, this isn’t important for me to do- then I want to ask you, what would it hurt to try?

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